The lead teacher of each classroom is responsible for all aspects of education, throughout the day. The lead teacher works in assistance with and under the direct supervision of the Education Coordinator. The teacher is expected to oversee and advance the development of the children in his/her care.


  • Implementing lessons and activities per the weekly lesson plan

  • Develop and follow classroom schedule

  • Document and submit weekly observations for each daycare child in the classroom

  • Familiarize self with curriculum and PA learning standards

  • Implement developmentally appropriate practices (activities, redirection, hygiene, self care skills)

  • Use strategies and techniques that suit the needs of each individual child

  • Facilitate learning and play throughout the day

  • Utilize classroom team members to direct small group/individual lessons

  • Collaborate and communicate with therapist to further advance children

  • Preparing activity materials ahead of time

  • Follow all health and safety practices set forth DPW/DPH/FWF (Hand washing, diaper changing, soiled clothing, wiping faces)


  • At least (1) year of childcare experience

  • Can successfully work and collaborate with others

  • Possess patience, understanding and care when engaging with children and families

  • Communication and time management skills

  • Certification or degree in early childhood education


Frankie’s World Foundation Medical Day Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, including harassment based on person’s race, religion, color, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, age, disability, family medical history, veteran status, genetic information, ancestry, union membership, high school equivalency, or other legally protected status.