The Certified Nursing Assistant serves an important role by providing heal care to clients at Frankie’s World under the direction of a nurse. The Certified Nursing Assistant assists with supporting personal hygiene and overseeing the overall care and supervision of children. Provide comfort and vital sign monitoring.


  • Assist with the arrival and departure of children entering and leaving the center.

  • Clear food from tables after eating and dispose or return empty container to child’s bag. Clean table with appropriate cleaner.

  • Clean spills promptly with appropriate cleaner. Consult with administrator/director when necessary.

  • Perform duties as directed by nurses and/or administrator/director when within state guidelines.

  • Check children’s bags as they arrive for notes/supplies/food sent in by the family and communicate findings with child’s nurse. Food stored should be documented in binder in kitchen for expiration date.

  • Store bags/coats at child’s bedside/coat rack and ensure that no items are placed/stored on the floor.

  • Pack children’s bags and prepare for departure in consultation with nurses to determine which supplies need to return home with the child before child’s dismissal time.

  • Any toys found to come in contact with child’s oral secretions should be placed in toy container and cleaned or cleaned by the end of the day.

  • Actively engage children in age appropriate activities in consultation with staff and daily schedule for activity planning. Encourage children to socialize appropriately together.

  • Daily cleaning includes stripping all the children’s beds and laundering after naptime. During the nap, all the toys should be cleaned. Non-washable toys such as puzzles should be cleaned with Sani cloth wipes.

  • Daily assignment up to 3 children, physical care of patients (feeding, diaper changes, etc). consult with assigned supervising RN for direction and assistance.

  • Monthly formula logs put red stickers on items without expirations or expirations within that month.

  • Stock supplies. Alert director when supplies running low.

  • Daily sheets completed to go home with child with consultation with nurse.

  • See closing list/cleaner checklist if assigned as cleaner for the day sheet for items to be completed for staff at the end of the day

  • Assist nurse to clean syringes and feeding bags, if trained and checked off on competency sheet

  • Perform vital sign assessment and report findings to nurse, if trained and checked off on competency sheet.

  • Follow all local, state, and federal regulations.


  • Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant in the state (PA)

  • At least one year experience as a professional nursing assistant in pediatric care


Frankie’s World Foundation Medical Day Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, including harassment based on person’s race, religion, color, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, age, disability, family medical history, veteran status, genetic information, ancestry, union membership, high school equivalency, or other legally protected status.